“You’re 5 Months From Owning Your Business”

A. Lambert – Territory Owner Roanoke, VA

Business Partners

We are looking for people like you – certified auto mechanics – to become My Certified Mechanic (MCM) business partners in your area. MCM will make it possible for you to grow your business as you are connected with qualified business owners who share lessons they have learned in the automotive industry.

MCM is not a union or franchise, nor are we a business consulting service that will swoop down on your business, take your money, and then leave you unprepared to effectively run your company.  It is the mission of MCM to improve the lives of the technicians in the automotive repair industry and enhance the reputation of the industry, as well.

Here is how MCM improves the lot of MCM business partners:

  • We develop a robust business plan tailored to your area.
  • Establish relevant and realistic goals for success for your business.
  • Assist with marketing so you are able to build a strong customer base.
  • Set up the appropriate business structure for taxation and enable you to protect your personal assets.
  • Offer technical and business training.
  • MCM gives you phone support to instruct you on challenging auto repairs with the aid of our MCM network.
  • Monthly analysis of your business and identify ways to improve so you can increase your profit margin.
  • Assist in setting up the appropriate labor rates for your area.

MCM Business Partners Receive Fair & Just Compensation.

Repair shops charge $100-$140 per hour plus parts margins yet pays you less than $28 an hour. Not anymore, with your knowledge and our support, you will be controlling your own future by making $75-$105 per hour plus parts margins and shop supplies.

The next step after signing up is:

  • An interview with the owners of MCM

My Certified Mechanic (a wholly owned subsidiary of Mechanic Alliance) your success is our success.

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