"Mechanic Alliance Is The Real Deal"

S. Smiley – Indianapolis, IN

Advancement Opportunities

As an auto mechanic, are you tired of not making what you are worth?

Would you like to be compensated and valued to the full extent of your training and skills?

A few decades ago, a mechanic would earn 50 percent of the labor rate at an auto shop with a percentage included for auto parts. Over time, shop owners have placed severe limits on the proportion of shop revenues that auto mechanics can make. Shop owners have hampered the financial well being of their mechanics by creating an environment where the typical mechanic has invested as much as $38,000 to $65,000 in tools and equipment yet they are only compensated between 13 percent to 23 percent of the going $120 to $140 rate that a customer pays for auto repairs.

So if you are an auto mechanic, we encourage you to look to Mechanic Alliance for help.

At Mechanic Alliance, we provide an intelligent and progressive alternative to the automotive repair business model. We provide advancement opportunities for mechanics. We want to redefine the automotive repair business model by providing mechanics with the leadership and experience they need so they can dictate the terms of their work environment and clear all impediments to success.

One year of membership is cheaper than a Snap-on screwdriver. Reboot your automotive career today.

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