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Working Together in Building a Better Future for Mechanics and Shop Owners

Mechanic Alliance

If you are a typical auto mechanic or certified technician, you might be feeling stuck in a career that doesn’t pay you what you are entitled to and hasn’t provided the opportunities for advancement that you’d like to see happen.

Mechanic Alliance, or MA, was created to address the inequities that exists in the auto repair industry. Together with MCM, or My Certified Mechanic, Mechanic Alliance strives to ensure auto mechanics are paid their full value and realize opportunities for advancement.

Right now, too many auto mechanics are dissatisfied with their jobs and leaving the automotive repair industry in droves.  At Mechanic Alliance, we’ve found the answer to be quite simple – pay them what they are worth.

The MCM business structure serves top-notch auto mechanics who desire and deserve to earn a fair and reasonable wage. As their mechanic advocate, Mechanic Alliance equips certified technicians and auto mechanics with the mechanical training and business development plans to be successful and thrive in their industry.

With our MCM Business Partner program, mechanics are trained and supported to become as productive as possible.  We also provide mechanics with the know-how to be more efficient at their auto repair shops. At Mechanic Alliance, we know that lack of efficiency is greatly setting auto shops back from being as productive as they could be. For example, the average auto repair shop efficiency rate is approximately 55 percent to 65 percent – which is equivalent to 18 hours of downtime every week!

With the MCM program, we make it possible for auto mechanics to be 100 percent efficient at their jobs!  What’s more, our internal MCM data has proven that 112 percent to 117 percent efficiency in the auto repair space is achievable. It is this model that MCM works within to help mechanics be as successful as they want to be.

MA/MCM Sets Mechanics Up For Success

Serving as an intelligent and progressive alternative to the automotive repair business model, MA/MCM provides opportunities for advancement for certified mechanics to fulfill their desire of operating a profitable auto repair company within a larger repair business structure.

As members of Mechanic Alliance, mechanics have access to experts who can assist them in resume writing, as well as receive specialized training on efficiency, while having access to a network of other mechanics who can provide advice on how to handle difficult diagnostics and more technical repairs.

We redefine the automotive repair business model by providing certified mechanics with sound leadership and our vast experience, enabling them to take advantage of opportunities for growth in their jobs and advancements in their careers.

The MCM Business Partners program gives mechanics the capability to create a strong foundation for their auto repair business that includes establishing relevant and achievable business goals and conducting a regular analysis of their operation in order to identify ways to be more profitable.

Building a Better Future for Mechanics and Shop Owners

Our team at Mechanic Alliance has no quotas, but instead, is determined to help mechanics and owners make more money and become successful in their auto repair careers.

Mechanic Alliance and MCM helps mechanics improve their position either through job placement and/or salary negotiation and, in some cases, by starting their own business.

Through their membership with Mechanic Alliance, mechanics and certified technicians also can receive discounts on health benefits, as well as auto and home insurance, tool insurance, legal services, and financial planning.

Mechanic Alliance also offers assistance with resume writing, and through its MCM Business Partners program, provides mechanics with the tools and knowledge to grow their business and become a member of a group of qualified business owners who help each other be wildly successful with running their auto shop companies.

Profile of Mechanic Alliance Leaders

Our leaders at Mechanic Alliance and MCM – Marvin Ray, Shop Owner and Trainer, and Dave Swensen, Mechanical Engineer and MBA – Eric Snow Marketing Director have served the automotive repair industry for nearly a half century combined, as well as owned and operated five repair shops – one of which dealt strictly with diagnostics.

Marvin has trained shop owners and mechanics for up to 14 years with the National Automotive Diagnostic Institute of Training.  They also led training programs at:

Big O Tires and Grease Monkey International.

Marvin, Dave and Eric are specialists who are firmly focused on helping mechanics and repair shop owners achieve a better way of life.

Our Team

Marvin Ray

Shop Owner and Trainer

  • Has owned five auto repair shops, one being an automotive diagnostic repair center
  • Tech representative for Snap-On Tools
  • CEO of National Automotive Diagnostic Institute of Training
  • National Training manager for Big O Tires and later Grease Monkey International
  • Trained thousands of mechanics and their owners across America on everything from business to technical training

Dave Swensen

Mechanical Engineer / MBA

  • Rebuilt his first engine at 14 years of age
  • Worked at Union 76 Station
  • Managed auto shops for a large chain
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Crewed on SCCA

Eric Snow

Marketing Director

Clifford Beisler

Advisory Council

Andre Lambert

Advisory Council

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