Ask for it! Let’s face it if you have been at your job for the last 3-5 years and have not received a raise you are long overdue. The latest trend to making money as a mechanic is to ask for it. 

Getting started

When was the last time you had a review? Have you ever had a review? This should take place yearly. Making money as a mechanic requires a lot of different things. One you need tools, two you need the aptitude and desire. If you have both of those then start making money as a mechanic and quit being taken advantage of.

Set up a folder on you phone or PC where you can start storing notes from clients, your boss, and your colleagues where you were commended for the work performed.

Go for a hard number

This takes a little research and requires you to look inward financially on what it takes for you to survive and pay your bills now and build a future. 

Research what others of your knowledge and certifications are making in nearby auto repair shops and dealerships. Don’t compare your self to the middle of the group or lower, compare yourself to the top 5%. 

Making money as a mechanic is currently moving from the standard less than 20% of billed labor to 50% with a piece of the parts margins. Sound crazy to you? Its how we use to get paid years ago and it worked well.

I would say today for starters that it you’re not making at least 28% of the labor with paid medical and at least two weeks paid vacation you need to put those wheels to good use on your toolbox and push it to another shop.

If your shop has benefited directly from you because of your work, then it is time to make more money as a mechanic. If your team or you individually increased sales and profit last year, then it is time to make more money as a mechanic. If you brought in new customers, then it is time to make more money as a mechanic. If you are a lead tech and your team is bigger than last year, then it is time to make more money as a mechanic.

What you bring to the team in the coming year

You’re asking for a raise because you have demonstrated that you will go above and beyond in what it takes to do your job. You show up on time, you get the job done and you stay late until its done. Bosses and owners like to hear that you are with them for the long haul. If you are then its time to make more money as a mechanic.

Now is also a good time to share ideas of growth for both yourself and the company. Growth for yourself may include some extra training you have been wanting, growth for the business may be as simple as changing a procedure that makes the entire shop more efficient.

Why your boss will want to give you more money as a mechanic

They need to see what’s in it for them. Yes, it selfish but it’s business. They will be asking themselves if by giving you a raise they create a more stable employee that will continue to provide and benefit their company. 

Recently I worked on a project where the manager was a real work of art. He felt he was worth more than he was getting and deserved. The owners who I thought were pretty astute ended up being pretty stupid. They gave him all that he wanted. He had not worked for it or had shown a benefit for it. During the next 6 months the strength of the team depleted because of this, morale went in the toilet and the company had to sell off the piece of their business that made them who they were. 

If your boss or owner feels they can prevent the possibility of you leaving (it’s real hard for owners to find mechanics today, look around you) and creating a turnover and drawn-out application process that will cost them thousands and that they dread doing then its in their best interest and yours to give you a raise.

These things should be at the back of your mind when formulating the ask. Don’t bring them up just have them there to help you be determined that it is time to make more money as a mechanic.


In conclusion remember that you have spent years gaining the knowledge to do your job, you have spent thousands of dollars on tools and equipment to have a job, you work with snow, mud and rain dripping in your face, greasy hands, bad backs, and knees, not to mention a ton of other things you will feel as you get older. Look at the last 10 years on how home prices have gone up from $204,497 to $329,522, new truck prices from $42,348 to $65,700. Not to mention health insurance and everything else has increased. It is time to make more money as a mechanic. It’s your time to shine. If you aren’t sure how to make it happen reach out, we will help you.

There are mechanics just like you that are making more money as a mechanic. We know for a fact as we have helped them get there. From $5 an hour raise with a sign on bonus and car to drive to and from work to a base pay of 90 hours per paycheck with a $2 raise and one month vacation per year. We will make it happen for you. It is time to make more money as a mechanic.