To be a mechanic today in 2021 you need to be ready for the ever increasing complex electrical issues. New technology is evolving at a record pace. The mechanic of the near future will be making a ton more electrical repairs and a lot less oily mechanical repairs.

The future for the auto mechanic is set heavily on electrical. A mechanic of the near future that isn’t comfortable with electrical, and diagnostic repairs is going to have a hard time as a mechanic and will become obsolete quickly.

There is no need to be afraid however. Years ago I was one of the old time mechanics that was not happy about learning electrical. Lets be real it is not easily understood for some of us. As I took to learning I designed a plan in helping mechanics better and easily understand it. Before I knew it I was selling my shop and training mechanics and shop owners on electrical and diagnostic procedures.

Simply put, I learned it, and so can you. Sign up for our Premium Membership contact me and let’s get stated on helping you today.