Gas powered cars and the year 2050.

What will happen to the car manufacturing business by 2050? The hope of a new group of 12 governments idiots in Washington and from around the world is to phase out traditional autos completely within 35 years, replacing them with Zero Emissions Vehicles (ZEVs).

Don’t get us wrong, we know without a shadow of a doubt it’s coming and we will deal with it as mechanics when it does but… we already have brown outs in large cities and now they want to load the system even more? They know nothing about electricity it appears.

The International ZEV Alliance is working together to accelerate adoption of battery and fuel cell electric vehicles, by promoting innovation and investment among its members in the ZEV market. Should the initiative succeed, it could cut total global vehicle emissions by as much as 40 per cent, making a dramatic difference to the environment, or so they think. You still have to dispose of the 1,400 pound battery in a Mercedes Benz EQC somewhere and to date its issue with cars in other countries being parked in large fields not knowing what to do with them as they can’t dispose of them and it’s to expensive to repair them.