Auto Repair Discount? Hell No!!!

Has anyone else noticed that in the automotive industry we do the same thing year in and year out. Owners continue to give out auto repair discounts then hit the mechanic for the discount because they aren’t savvy enough to run a great business model. It’s not the mechanics fault why should they be penalized?

Take for instance Buy 3 Tires Get One Free. How many years do we keep pushing that out there? Or the oil change for $19.99? We all know you can’t even come close to making a profit on a $19.99, all you do is piss the customer off by jumping the price to $89.99 giving us the stigma that we are crooks. Are we so stupid that we can’t think outside the box and advertise a better product or service? Technology has changed 1,000-fold and we are still doing what we did decades ago? Auto repair discounts are not the answer. The answer is proper service and value for a job well done. If you have to give auto repair discounts you are for sure doing something wrong. It tells me right away people don’t trust you and you don’t have a steady customer base. You are probably servicing the bottom feeder consumer which we are glad some shops take care of them because frankly we don’t want the customer that’s always asking for an auto repair discounts. Ask that same customer to give you a discount where they work and let us know how that fairs for you.

How about as an industry we start selling exceptional service and the honest work we do as mechanics and giving it away with auto repair discounts? Selling a cheaper price most often gets you a cheaper customer. We figured out it the 90’s that this only equates to a customer that will waste more of your time, more than any other customer and the next time they see a special price somewhere else they are gone from your business. Trust us you don’t the shopper that is looking for an auto repair discount.

The customer you want is the customer that drops their car off and states “call me when it’s done.” How do you get there? Look and see what you are doing and how you are treating those current customers and the replicate the process. If you don’t have any of those types, then Let’s Chat! We can help you with that. And by all means stop doing auto repair discounts. If you choose to then stop hitting your mechanic with the discount it’s just not right.

Does your shop present a value? Do you provide a warranty and stand behind it? Do you have tens of thousands of tools and equipment with knowledge and skills? THEN QUIT GIVING AUTO REPAIR DISCOUNTS. Does the grocery store give you a discount, or how about your cell phone provider? Your quality of repair along with your skills require a charge. It’s all about perception in the customers eyes. If your shop has needed a coat of paint for now on 20 years, then yes you will have a hard time pitching your value. If your floors are greasy and tracking it into the customers car then don’t plan on a customer who is willing to pay. If your service writer would be better at putting shopping carts away because of their attitude towards the customer, then fix it. Are you afraid to fix it? Let’s Chat! We will do it for you!