Shortage of Mechanics Going Right Off the Cliff

The growing shortage of mechanics serving the automotive repair industry is not a problem that’s going to go from bad to worse — it’s a problem that’s going to go from bad to right off the cliff. It’s time for mechanics to make a stand and quit being afraid of asking for a raise or moving to another shop. The shortage of mechanics can stop right now right here a couple of ways.

Getting the younger generation to become a mechanic is a real problem for a number of reasons:
– The consumer still believes it doesn’t take much to work on today’s cars.
– Competition from other technical fields.

Image and awareness are a big problem lets fix this to help with the shortage of mechanics. The consumer today still thinks it should cost minimal to repair their vehicle. Yet the price of said vehicle has increased at a much faster rate than the wages for those who work so hard on today’s electrical wonders, and… shops are afraid to charge what it’s worth. It’s not the mechanics fault but it is increasing the shortage of mechanics because of this.

There is however a little more advocacy and awareness at the high-school level for jobs and careers. Main thing lacking is the starting wage and the cost to equip a young mechanic today, this is the blood line into the shortage of mechanics. This could be an easy fix. With experienced mechanics still making less than 28% of the customers charged rate “it’s just criminal” as some members of Mechanic Alliance have reflected to us of late. The only answer to the issue is HIGHER PAY to stop the shortage of mechanics.

Supply and demand are now starting to rear its ugly head which is good for today’s mechanic. This shortage of mechanics started 25 years ago when I started having shop owners stick a couple hundred dollars in my front shirt pocket asking me to find them a mechanic, to which I had to return it stating “I can’t help, I wish I could but they are hard to find.”

Higher Pay
The shortage of mechanics has excelled to even a higher level. With that being said the time has come now forcing owners and dealers to increase wages and compensation packages. Good new young mechanics as well as seasoned ones should start to stand up for what they are worth. Hopefully we see this shortage of mechanics dwindle.

Not only are car and truck mechanics needed, but also mechanics for non-road diesels, drilling platform service, farm equipment, etc. The end result is that pay and benefits for mechanics has to rise. If you’re a small repair shop and can’t afford to offer good compensation packages, you need to get with us because you are doing something wrong. Let’s work together on the shortage of mechanics. At todays rates it is conceivable to make money and pay your mechanic, yes you may have to give up on that lavish vacation your mechanic has worked so hard for you to be able to take every year. But you can still make money and enjoy the finer things in life if you do it right.

Our research shows that the majority of owners and dealership don’t get it, yet they complain daily of the shortage of mechanics . They continually complain that they can’t find good mechanics yet they won’t pay them. It’s real simple economics, pay a mechanic their worth, keep your business. Don’t pay them, do it yourself.

Better Benefits
To overcome the shortage of mechanics you start with raising the wages above 28% of labor charges there is plenty to give. As any industry today there are other options for mechanics and some are taking it thus the shortage of mechanics. At Mechanic Alliance we help give mechanics the courage and layout of how to ask for a raise or go on their own, both mobile and brick and mortar.

As far as we see it, the new competition for shop owners is not another shop or dealership it’s the mechanic that once worked for them that will be their new competition. Problem solved of a shortage of mechanics.