In the days of yesteryear being a mechanic made a decent living. Time has unfortunately changed at being a mechanic.

Why are today’s mechanics wanting to be paid hourly? They want to be able to support themselves or their families. By being a mechanic today you are taking on the brunt of keeping the industry alive, yet not receiving compensation for it.

When a mechanic spends 10 hours at his shop but only has two hours’ worth of billable work to get done, he only gets compensated for those two hours. Being a mechanic in the auto repair business is fairly simple – the owner’s responsibility is to fill the bays for the mechanic, the mechanics responsibility is to get the work done properly. If there is not enough work, it’s the owner’s responsibility to make sure that is rectified. Being a mechanic doesn’t mean he or she should go out and drum up customers for the owner.

In California being a mechanic is different, since a mechanic provides his own tools, he is entitled to double minimum wage (still way to low). One big problem here is that owners find loopholes and buy a couple tools, then state they paid for the mechanics tools. REALLY!? So how being a mechanic can really suck? Why are we not standing up and saying ,”Not happening”? Oh, we are, we are leaving the industry, we are done being a mechanic even though we love this industry and working on cars so much. Does the owner deserve to make money, you bet, does the mechanic deserve to make money, you bet. The percentages are out of whack and need to be drawn back in NOW!

Take the money it requires to being a mechanic and get a degree right now in the auto industry along with the cost of tools and ask yourself if it’s worth it, it’s simple math. It’s not! Being a mechanic today right here right now you probably don’t have a retirement set up (we help with that) because they don’t have enough money to even pay for health insurance.

Being a mechanic is so tough, it’s time to you stand up and ask for what you deserve. If you don’t then who will? Stop complaining, only you can make the difference by asking for a raise.  We can help you on how to ask for a raise, we can help you build a stellar resume, but we can’t ask for the raise for you. If you don’t get the raise, then we will help you find a place that appreciates your skills and knowledge. Let’s breath the life back into to being a mechanic, Today!

Quit complaining (it isn’t helping you financially) and let’s start fixing the problem.