Besides their hands, a mechanics most valuable asset could arguably be their tools.  In this day and age with the investment of tools its important for a mechanic tool protection you can trust. As the automotive industry continues to evolve and improve, mechanics have to spend hundreds of dollars every year just to keep up!!  The days of the “backyard mechanic” have all but disappeared!

Most people are unaware that even though a mechanic works for an established shop, the shop does not always supply them with the necessary tools to do their job!  This means that the mechanic himself is responsible for the tools he uses. The the extreme need for a mechanic tool insurance protection program. that you can trust.

If your home were to burn down, your Homeowners Insurance would not only cover the home, but also all your belongings inside of the home.  If your business burns down, all the property owned by the business is covered in the Business Owners Policy.  This means that the majority of tools used by the mechanics in a shop ARE NOT COVERED.  How does the mechanic protect their tools?!? They need tool insurance protection more today than ever.

A subcontractors policy with a tools endorsement is the best option to protect the mechanic AND their tools.  The policy can not only cover the tools, but it also provides liability insurance for the mechanic as well.  This provides better peace of mind for the mechanic!

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