Is everyone as tired as we are hearing daily there is a “mechanic shortage”? Let’s get real, the problem isn’t as much of a “mechanic shortage” as it is the shortage of fair wages and supportive shop owners. When you make less than 28% of the labor rate and spend tens of thousands on tools why wouldn’t the grass look greener on the other side of the fence? This is the main factor contributing to the “mechanic shortage”.

This industry is long overdue for a change. Those that are currently running it have destroyed it, taken care of themselves but destroyed the industry by creating a “mechanic shortage”. It is now time for the mechanics to run this industry far and wide and alleviate the said “mechanic shortage”. Not too long ago a mechanic would pack up his tools and leave a job – and within 48 hours, his replacement would arrive. Today, it seems increasingly common for days, weeks, months even years to pass by before a potential good mechanic finds his way to a shop. So yes, in that response there is a “mechanic shortage.”

Many mechanics are leaving to do other jobs that pay better or open they are opening their own shop, as they should. We have met some top-notch mechanics that are doing other jobs like truck driving, meat cutter, HVAC even computer programming and repair creating the “mechanic shortage” all because of the treatment they have received.

Most mechanics enjoy working on cars. They haven’t been doing it for the money that’s for damn sure. We have heard that we need to start with the shop owners. Nope, that boat has come and gone, they created this “mechanic shortage”. We have seen where that has gotten us. They have done the damage we now need to rectify.

Our homes, tools, health insurance, vehicles, college funds have all increased over the past 10 years upwards and beyond 400% while our wages have increased less than 100%. This is criminal. We can’t even get a cost of living raise yearly. Not anymore! We will show those how to overcome this “mechanic shortage” by first and foremost paying their mechanics what they are worth. So often we hear large companies stated today’s mechanics are technicians. We totally agree but with that being stated then mister big company start paying them as technicians and watch the “mechanic shortage” go away.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. They don’t want to pay us. Here’s what we do. They can close their shop since they generally have no family that is going to take it over and work their business because of the “mechanic shortage”, which in most cases will get them a big old goose egg of 0.00 and we wait. We then go in, rent it, and put My Certified Mechanics™ in it and watch how fast the “mechanic shortage” goes away when we take control. The other solution for them is they can team up with us, keep the business running and drive off into the sunset with a nice monthly income far better than they would have gotten by closing the doors and there will be no “mechanic shortage”.

If there was truly a “mechanic shortage” then current mechanics wouldn’t still be working for 1990 wages. We shouldn’t have to fight to be paid properly. Only a small part of owners seems to understand that their mechanics create the great lifestyle they are living and pay their mechanics accordingly in helping there not be a “mechanic shortage”.
Mechanics aren’t known to be the ones to stand up and complain. They love what they do so they don’t rock the boat. Well, those days are over; we are here to rock the boat and fix the issues at hand.

Join US! Let’s help you find a place to move your toolbox to. Let’s get together, rent a large empty building like a Toys R Us building and put the top 10 mechanics in your area together and fix the problem today!

There’s no shortage of mechanics, there’s a shortage of those standing up for what’s right. We likewise challenge your local and national vendors to get on board with us in helping you make more money. It’s simple economics the more you make the more you spend. Where do you spend that extra money? At places that support you in making more money.