Where did this come from? What is it all about?

Having been in the automotive industry since 1980, owning multiple repair shops, Department Head for a Vo-Tech, selling diagnostic equipment in Montana to then opening one of the first diagnostic only centers in America to then be asked by the state of Utah to train mechanics Marvin Ray has seen a lot of transition in the automotive industry. After traveling 20+ years training mechanics and owners for independent shops, dealerships and franchises across America Marvin Ray finally decided (or rather his back decided) it was time to come off the road and teach mechanics how to fire the boss.

While kicking around wondering what to do between two National Training Manager Franchise jobs he started doing a deeper dive into the automotive industry. Where has it been, where is it at and where should it be. Every mechanic out there feels they are not appreciated so it’s time to fire the boss, they are treated like an untrained member of society. Things have changed drastically in the automotive industry, from yesteryear where you popped the hood of a 1968 Camaro and could see the ground to a new 2020 Tesla. The electrical system back then was cake the carburation system was simple and the customer had to come see you about every 6 months to a year for a tune up with a carburetor overhaul not too far behind. Not a bad industry back then to make some good money and raise a family. Today if you grab the incorrect high voltage wire improperly you could die which then you won’t be able to fire the boss because you’ll be dead. Lots has happened in this industry.

There is a lot that could be discussed about the industry, and we could take days to jaw about its short comings while we keep complaining about everything hoping someone will pick up the reins and fix it. This is why Mechanic Alliance was formed, to help you when the time is right to fire the boss. Mechanic Alliance Co-op LLC is here to “TO HELP AUTOMOTIVE MECHANICS EARN THE WAGES, RESPECT, AND OPPORTUNITIES THEY DESERVE.”

But as they say wait there’s more… Mechanic Alliance has started My Certified Mechanic™ to help with the process of mechanics making what they deserve after they fire the boss and can now be seen as valuable to the consumer and industry. We are looking to work with over 500 qualified mechanics that are ready to fire the boss in locations across the country by blending with owners who are ready to retire and would normally close up shop and head into the sunset. These shops give today’s mechanic the opportunity to finally make what they are worth after firing the boss.

If you are a good mechanic, you have probably been unhappy in your job for a while, so fire the boss. Now, in these uncertain economic times, perhaps even more so. Why does flat rate benefit the shop more than the mechanic? Well, it shouldn’t. That’s why you are unhappy. Hurry up and fire the boss so we can get started on your new business adventure.

Most good mechanics dream of owning their own shop and getting a bigger slice of the pie this won’t happen until you fire the boss. Then again, most good mechanics would rather fix cars than run a business. Your boss knows that, and that’s why you aren’t earning what you are worth. Now is your opportunity. *Fire the Boss* — *BE the Boss*! My Certified Mechanic™ has the solution for you and your family.

Help be a voice in bringing to the for front the need for an industry to change. If you have ideas or want to contribute reach out to us at

The time is now at hand to fire the boss!