Mechanic Alliance is the path to a higher level of your respect and dignity.

The “marketing message” of Mechanic Alliance is so powerful and life changing that “Mechanic Alliance’s oath” rings loud and clear even to other vocations that begins to “stir the pot of imbalanced pay from maximum effort from those of the highest skill levels. Customer and technician recognition for business ethics and trust that becomes so powerful and diverse, the major brand dealers and single bay shacks pay notice to the jack hammer spike of loneliness ringing in their ears by Mechanic Alliance.

This is the sound of mechanical harmony ringing the same bell for equality of what has been earned and will finally be paid through Mechanic Alliance.

Mechanic Alliance will not bind you down and limit your success, Mechanic Alliance will help you rise up to the highest levels of achievement!

“Are you aligned with the foundation of the pursuit for an honest and fair tomorrow? Join the Mechanic Alliance and we will lead you to the door that unlocks your dreams of the highest level.

After surpassing my father’s level and expertise when I was 26, my feelings of “success” were happy as well as numb because here in front of me was a man, who was my mentor, who inspired me to work hard, study, and follow my own path to greatness, but had come to the end of his because no one had ever looked out for his success the way he had looked out for mine. When I look back and remember all of the “employers” who had taken advantage of him, left him penniless for weeks at times while struggling to support a family and provide a constant “rise up against the challenges that befall you today because they could be worse for tomorrow, my blood really starts to boil and erupt for him to the point that if I was ever given the power to change his past, I would in an instant even if it meant I would have to sacrifice my own success. If a “Mechanics Alliance” had been formed then, my hope and faith would be that he would have had to endure far less financial struggles.