Have you ever felt like leaving your job, like a 10mm socket leaves you? Your employer won’t pay you what you are worth, but you stay anyway… Why do we do this to ourselves? Maybe we don’t know how to leave. Maybe we think this is as good as it gets. Maybe we figure it’s a job, so we don’t rock the boat. Maybe we just believe this is all I can do.

The mechanics in the early years of the automobile were paid according to skill, talent and experience, so what the heck happened?! The time has come to regain your worth and fair earning potential based upon your skill level, talent, and experience.

Mechanic Alliance is here to help you get half the shop labor rate, quarterly parts or service percentage pay and that’s just the beginning!! Are you ready for this? If not, get ready because help is here!!

We are coming on strong, mechanics sign on and be part of the revolution headed into this industry!! We are here to help you with resources to make you successful so you can grow and prosper as you feel your own self worth increase!!

Jacob Tillack – Advisory Council