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Improving Lives

Shane S. of Indiana one and half years ago started with Mechanic Alliance making $18 per flat rate hour, he moved shops to $28 per flat hour, was just offered a job at $50 per hour salary. Yes, you read that right $50 an hour on salary. That's what we do for you. Change your financial situation today for only $1.25 per week!

Helping Mechanics Financially Nationwide

Look to Mechanic Alliance as your personal advocate charged with the responsibility of helping you maximize your success. We started our Movement of helping technicians in 2020 growing stronger every month. Mechanic Alliance will provide you with the guidance and support to ensure you receive all the compensation you deserve while advancing in your auto repair career!

  • Asking for a Raise
  • Writing a Resume
  • Building your Own Business
  • Growing an Existing Business
  • Two (1 hour) Sessions of One-on-One Tech or Business Support per Year 

Need references just ask.

For years I thought opening a shop was a “5-year goal” that never got any closer. With M.A., it’s become a reality within 5 months. Contact Marv and Dave, it’s not going to hurt I promise. – Andre Lambert Roanoke, VA MCM Territory owner.

Mechanic Alliance helped me find a couple of really good techs. So much so that I was able to take Friday off to go down to St Louis and watch my youngest son play Lacrosse all weekend. Came back Monday morning and the place didn’t miss a beat. – Kory Rozema’s of Rozema’s Car Care

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